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About Us

The Great Eastern Food Centre has been in operation for over 35 years. With time comes change and it is now known as:

TANG - The Asian Food Emporium

The Tang family purchased the thriving business over 35 years ago. Situated in the heart of Melbourne CBD and adjacent to Chinatown, it has always catered for and provided to Melbourne's Asian community. Centrally located and a great place to shop, it attracts people from many cultural regions looking for genuine ingredients and the food and snacks remembered from home. More recently, adventurous cooks and homemakers from Australian and European backgrounds have discovered the incredible variety and quality that is TANG.

The Tang family have a long and cherished connection with the food and grocery industry in both retail and wholesale. Sio and Elisa Tang are the business principals. As a child in Macau, Elisa would run home from school and work in the family grocery store after school. The store specialised in China's regional foods so Elisa has had the knowledge and experience of dealing with and providing the very best in fresh and flavoursome foods from a very early age.

Today the family travels regularly to Hong Kong and Macau as well as leaving footprints in Japan, Taiwan, and different regions of China, Malaysia, Thailand and Bali as well as many other places throughout Southeast Asia.

Sio, has a fine palate and is an expert in Asian foods. When travelling Sio experiments with new foods, snacks and products and constantly brings new materials to the Melbourne store. In 2018, daughters, Leona and Tiffany expanded the business through establishing the first chain store in Balwyn. Bringing in their unique skills and individuality, Tang now provides choices for both inner city and suburban customers.

The extended family also operates importing and wholesaling businesses (through Elisa's brothers) and this provides an excellent supply line and access to many products as well. People come to the TANG Asian Food Emporium knowing they can find the foods, drinks and snacks they know and love from home on the shelves at TANG – fresh, full of flavour and at the right price. All the staff at TANG have a passion for food. Manager, Bo, is one example of a great cook who loves food from different cultures and cuisines. TANG is a place to be innovative, to explore. The staff are there to help so don't be afraid to ask questions.

The TANG Asian Food Emporium and its management pride themselves on being one of Melbourne's top Asian supermarkets with a wealth of choice. With products from Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and more, whatever you are looking for can be found at TANG’s extensive food emporium.

It's the one stop shop for all your Asian groceries and many delicious meals and snacks.