Tang Food Emporium - The Flavours of Asia
185 Russell St
Melbourne VIC 3000
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TANG – The Asian Food Emporium

(Formerly Great Eastern Food Centre)

TANG – The Asian Food Emporium is Melbourne's premier speciality store for Asian foods, snacks and beverages. It prides itself on offering the best quality food and products at the absolute best prices in Melbourne.

The TANG Asian Food Emporium has thousands of Asian groceries including staples like Rice, Noodles, Spices and Sauces in a myriad of choices. It also stocks delicious dessert treats, favourite beverages and drinks from all over Asia, as well as hundreds of different snack foods. Sake and Plum wines, a full range of frozen foods (dumplings, wontons) and smallgoods – it truly is the best Asian supermarket in Melbourne.

Specialising in regional foods from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, TANG offers the broadest range and the highest quality. It does so via its staff and principals constantly travelling to the regions it sources its products from to ensure the latest and most popular foods, snacks and drinks are stocked at the Emporium and available to customers at all times.

TANG is careful to ensure that only premium grade products are selected and stocked for its customers.

For over 35 years TANG has provided a wonderful range of Asian food delights to the Melbourne community. Be adventurous, come in, browse and ask for advice. From Noodles to Teas, Sake to Wontons, Sauces to Sweets – no one else offers the complete and varied range that is available at TANG.

For flavour, variety and the best prices, shop at the TANG – The Asian Food Emporium.
Melbourne Store - OPEN 10 AM to 11 PM everyday